Center za družbeno raziskovanje - CEDRA (Center for Social Research) is a socialist organization. Our main goal is to organize workers at the workplace, directly at the place of production, and to build powerful, socialist workers’ organisations which will unite in a single workers’ movement that will be able to mount a radical economical and political fight against capitalist exploitation and for a socialist society.

The essence of our approach in organising workers’ collectives is that workers themselves are part of the organisational process. In line with this method we use the co-research method, which tears down the division between the subject-researcher and object-researched. This helps us to analyse, in collaboration with workers, various forms of exploitation directly at the workplace and also in local neighbourhoods, and it is also used as a mechanism to track the different forms of capitalist exploitation.

CEDRA writes theoretical research papers, which represent a fusion of practice and theory that emerged through our activities in the field. The research papers are intended to reflect RO CEDRA's field work and the wider social struggles. In the research papers we test working hypotheses and present (partial) findings that were made in collaboration with workers by using the co-research method.

They are intended to stimulate theoretical discussions, sharing experiences from organizational practices in the field and offer reflection on strategies and means of class struggle, thus trying to contribute to the political organization of the working class. We have translated research papers n. 1 and n. 2 to make them available to the international audience.

Research paper no. 2 Young precarious workers and the trade union in education

The effects of employment destandardization on trade union organization


Research paper no. 1 Organic intellectuals at points of rupture of the technical composition of the workforce


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