Center for Social Research (Cedra) published the first issue of Class Issue. All the contributors are workers who describe the conditions in which they work. The aim of the journal is to raise awareness that similar mechanisms of exploitation are present in different workplaces, companies and sectors, and to build solidarity on this basis.

Class Issue is a bulletin put together by workers from different companies and sectors. In the articles we are describing our working conditions. The first issue focuses on the intensification of labor: is the intensity of labor increasing, how does this show and how does the intensification of labor affect our health?

We use Class Issue for political work during the strike activities of the Tuš Union. We invite everyone interested to join us!

You are welcome to freely print, share and comment on Class Issue among your coworkers, members, readers and others. We would be pleased if you used the bulletin to organize discussions and activities within your organizations.

To write or contribute to future issues of the Class Issue, please contact us:

Class Issue #1 - The intensification of labor (December 2023)

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