Class Issue #1 - The intensification of labor (December 2023)

Class Issue is a bulletin put together by workers from different companies and sectors. In the articles we are describing our working conditions. The first issue focuses on the intensification of labor: is the intensity of labor increasing, how does this show and how does the intensification of labor affect our health?

Contents of Class Issue 1 (December 2023) - The intensification of labor:

Work at Tuš, Ljiljana Jovanović - This way of working forces us to do the work of three or more workers.

Work at Ikea, Tim Vakselj - Since working three Saturdays a month has almost become a regular practice, we rarely have two consecutive rest days.

Work at Jarše Kindergarten, Petra Koritnik - Due to illnesses resulting from high workloads and stress, sick leaves are on the rise, as well as occupational diseases.

Work at Hofer, anonymous - The total scope of work we have to do is the same as around half a year ago, but there is only half the staff working the shifts.

Work at Lidl, anonymous - It can happen that you come to work in the morning, and after three hours the manager decides that you have to finish your shift at another store.

Work at Glovo, anonymous – When the number of deliveries per individual is lower due to a bad season, a longer absence or an increased number of deliverers, we compensate for the loss of income by not taking lunch breaks, speeding up individual tasks or extending our availability.

Work at Tuš, anonymous – Cashiers do not get any additional bonuses to prepare the Wolt orders even though they further add to the workload and severely contribute to the intensification of work.

Work at Spar, Damjana Ajd - The third aspect of the work intensification is thus multitasking – changing job posts. From the perspective of the company, this means that they do not need a new employee.

Work at Spar, Katja Šalamun - In the Spar Supernova Maribor shopping mall, the intensification of work is increasing. The reason for this is a serious decrease of workers and a growing number of customers.

Work at a senior citizens' home, anonymous - All of this cannot be done in an eight-hour workday. That’s why you’re thrown into the wheel of working overtime, which you can even delete from the register yourself. You give up vacation days and let them go to waste.

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Translation to English: Matevž Hrženjak, Anastazija Leščak, Ana Reberc, Aleš Rojc and Živa Šketa

Proofreading: Ana Cvelfar

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